19. April 2018
The first contribution to feature a fortune teller miracle fish.

17. April 2018
A contribution with all the lighthearted charme that we typically associate with Denmark.

11. April 2018
Liudmila Tihonciuc explores the confinements created by consumerism.

10. April 2018
Beautiful custom-made cigarette boxes from Marco Antonio Scarelli.

09. April 2018
Guess whom Karen wants to see confined?

06. April 2018
Marzia Braglia on art and another thing.

04. April 2018
A look at different forms of confinement and restriction.

03. April 2018
Jürgen Oliver Blank reminds us of the various dangers of smoking.

31. March 2018
Art in a box of cigarettes, Cristina Blank supplies the matchboxes.

27. March 2018
Cigarettes and chocolate: Nichola Orlick explores the connection between two addictions

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